A Very Murray Christmas (2015)

Netflix very murray christmas

The film is a Christmas musical comedy movie by director Sofia Coppola with the co-writer Bill Murray, Coppola and Mitch Glazer.

The Cast List:


Bill Murray plays as himself

Michael Cera played as Jackie, a Talent Agent

George Clooney plays as himself

Miley Cyrus plays herself

Dimitri Dimitrov plays as himself

Jenny Lewis played as the Waitress

Rashida Jones played as the Bride

David Johansen played as the Bartender

Amy Poehler played as Liz

Phoenix played as the Chefs

Chris Rock plays as himself

Maya Rudolph played as Lounge Singer

Jason Schwartzman played as Elliott

Paul Shaffer plays as himself

Julie White played as Bev

The Story Line:

Murra pds 006 hOn the evening of Christmas, Bill Murray remains in his suite of Carlyle Hotel, slowly recognizing that a large snowstorm has triggered most of their guests for the live Christmas event to cancel. When the time runs out, the producers, Liz and Bev, coerce him in going to the show, since he is economically on the hook when he decides to cancel. With only fewer crews, Murray went live; but in a core of singing the song, he started to weep and flees the studio. When attempting to run off from the hotel, he saw Chris Rock, whom he obliged to perform with him. During the power outage, Rock escapes, and the producers notifies Murray that the power outage is believed to be an Act of God and the special may now be cancelled.

Bill murray christmas xlargeFilled with so much relief, Murray went to the Carlyle happy bar, where he sings with the anonymous waitress. After they hears the chefs uproar, they go there to investigate, and they understand that the French chefs were overwhelmed, as the fridges stopped working and their food is going to be bad. Murray supported them to take some food in the bar, so that some patrons may be able to eat. On his way going back to a bar, he passed the weeping bride that informed him that the wedding was cancelled because of coldness, and who was upset because of her fight with Elliot, her fiancé.

The Writers View:

Bill Murray worried about the thoughts that no one will appear in his T.V. show because of the terrible snowstorm in the New York City. The rating for this movie may be a bit low since there are some that don’t know anything about this film. There are points in this film that are disappointing and it is not either funny at all. The movie is basically about a series of extra special guests that sings Christmas songs.

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